Brandon’s Services is now Ideal Yard Solutions

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Services Provided (With Starting Price):

Mowing ($29.99)• Free Consultations • Edging
•  Weeding Planted Areas/ Prevention ($24.99)• Planting ($24.99)
•  Fertilizer Application ($24.99) • DIY Consultations (FREE)
•  Lawn Overseeding ($29.99) • Planting and Design (Email Us)
• Sprinkler Blowouts ($24.99) • Dethatching ($59.99)
•  Minor Sprinkler Repair ($24.99) • Core Aeration ($59.99)

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About The CEO Brandon McBride:

I know a lot about lawns and plants. Many people have asked me to mow or fertilize their lawn once but then after they see the quality of the work and the amazing results along with the inexpensive prices they ask me to come again. My prices are very competitive with other companies. I do research into different fertilizers and lawn care products so I can get you the best price. I Also provide consultations on how to keep up your lawn yourself. I am currently 15 years old and am hiring others to keep up with the demand. I also own a retail company which you can see here.

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